Everest Realty Ltd., Brokerage

As the founder and Broker of Record of Everest Realty Ltd., Brokerage, I welcome you to my page.

I come from a beautiful country, Nepal.  The land of Mt. Everest, where I grew up and spent the first 40 years of my life. I immigrated to Canada, ‘the land of opportunity, in 1996 with my family.

In the beginning, I owned a variety store. Later, I switched to the property management business, which led me to become a real estate professional. As many of you who immigrated to this beautiful country are aware, it is not easy to start a business as success does not come overnight. It did not happen to me either. However, like many of you, I worked hard. Believing in myself, I did not lose hope, no matter how desperate and challenging the times might have been. My confidence paid off and managed to survive. I am thankful and filled with gratitude to all my friends and well-wishers for what I am today. 

I feel utmost happiness combined with a sense of fulfilment when I see my clients having a place to call home for their families. Partly it is because I understand the pain of not having a home for my family upon arriving in Canada.

This joy of finding a home for my clients is exactly what has fuelled my real estate career. It is indeed the inspiration that led me to establish Everest Realty Ltd., Brokerage. Now, as the founder and Broker of Record of Everest Realty Ltd., Brokerage, I have an opportunity to help clients and real estate professionals alike in pursuing their dreams. My motto in life has always been to give back to the society that nurtured me, invested in me, and provided me with the opportunities to grow, and develop into who I am today.

Canada is Privilege and I am a proud Canadian.  I am equally proud of the country where I grew up and spent the first four decades of my life. My brokerage is called Everest Realty Ltd. in honour of the land, the country Nepal, its pride, and its beauty. In my humble opinion, we should not forget who we are and where we come from, yet continue to learn, evolve, and adapt to new endeavours.

If I could give one piece of advice to those new to Canada, Young Canadians or to the professional world, I would say this: “Invest in real estate or Involve directly or Indirectly in this Industry”. Real estate is rewarding in every walk of life. If you look around or go through history, there is no better investment other than real estate on this planet. Becoming a Real Estate Agent is even more rewarding. This journey is amazing. No matter which walks of life you are on, everyone can enjoy equal opportunity in Real Estate, through investing or by becoming a Real Estate professional. 


If you require any support or guidance about your career or investments, please feel free to contact my team “www.EverestHomes.Ca”. We are just one call away. Let us set up an appointment. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU.